Department of Agriculture, Biology and Health Sciences

Mission Statement

The mission of Cameron University’s Department of Agriculture, Biology and Health Sciences is to provide high quality instruction to students at the undergraduate level using a multi-disciplinary approach that emphasizes active learning, problem solving, and critical thinking. 

The department is committed to research and scholarly activities that advance, integrate, broaden, and communicate knowledge to our students and colleagues in the natural sciences.  Our vision is to achieve excellence in education through creative use of traditional and innovative instructional methods, technology, and research. 

The department strives to develop students into scholars, mentors, and responsible citizens of their community, state and country who make a positive difference in society by enhancing agricultural productivity, environmental sustainability, and proper management of natural resources. 

Our faculty participates in outreach to the state and nation through services to the university community, to the public, to governmental and industrial sectors, and to professional societies. 

Position Statement on Evolution

Evolution is the generation to generation change in the frequency of alleles in the gene pool and the division of populations into lineages. That this occurs is a fact. Evidence for the modes and tempos of evolution coming from laboratory genetics, population genetics, natural history, systematics, and paleontology, is so overwhelming that no scientific discipline refutes evolution.  Understanding this concept is crucial to understanding all disciplines of biology including but not limited to ecology and evolutionary biology, cellular and molecular biology, and medicine. Therefore, the Biological Sciences program integrates evolution into all of its courses and does not teach non-scientific concepts based on mythology or literature.

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