Admissions - Guidelines for College Representatives

College Fair Guidelines for College Representatives

The Oklahoma College Day/Night Coordination Committee is comprised of representatives from Oklahoma colleges and universities with associate members from neighboring states. The following guidelines for college representatives are intended to benefit the students, parents, hosts and representatives attending college programs in Oklahoma.

  1. Follow the statement of Good Practices approved by the OCD/NCC.
  2. Maintain the highest level of personal and professional conduct.
  3. Remember, you are the guest of the college program hosts and should abide by their wishes. Make all confirmations and cancellations as far in advance as possible. Be sure to notify each host of any last minute changes in your plans to attend their college program. Arrive early and stay for the entire program.
  4. Avoid using unsupervised students, cadets, or other nonprofessionals at college programs (use good judgment to the number of additional representatives attending the college program).
  5. Confine giveaways to program brochures, catalogs, view books, information request cards, and other items containing factual information including video tapes and CDs. Small items such as pens, pencils, stickers, and plastic bags may be distributed at the table. Under no circumstances should any food, candy, gum, drink items, glow sticks, lanyards, t-shirts, key chains, Frisbees, etc. be distributed at the table. Do not take pictures of prospective students as a way of promoting the college or career you represent.
  6. Confine recruitment and promotional activities to designated areas. All representatives shall remain behind their designated table when speaking with the prospective students.
  7. Transactions involving the exchange of money are prohibited, as are contests, drawings, door prizes or lotteries of any kind by representatives attending the college program.
  8. Operate audiovisual equipment in individual rooms if possible. If audiovisual equipment is operated in the open, make sure the volume of your presentation does not distract from the presentations of other representatives. The OCD/NCC and/or program hosts are not responsible for lost or damaged equipment. Please inform the program host prior to the college program of special technical requests.
  9. Billboards or displays used in areas designated as browsing or common areas cannot exceed 36 inches above the table top and should be confined to the table top itself. This is to eliminate large displays that block the view of students and other representatives. Remember all representatives shall remain behind their table. Please keep this in mind when planning for your table displays.
  10. Before accepting invitations to programs which do not appear on the OCD/NCC