ACT Test Prep Registration

ACT Test Prep Registration Instructions

Instructions on how to register for the ACT Test Prep workshop:

1. Go to If you have not registered previously to create an account, please do so by following the instructions for new users. If you already have an account, simply login.

2. You're in! Scroll down in your create account to the "Events" section as seen in the picture below. Click on the link that says "View Upcoming Events."

3. Select an event. Under the title "Category Details," click on the drop down arrow and select "ACT Test Prep" from the list. Once selected, click "Search" at the bottom to search the upcoming events.

This will bring up the event at the bottom. Click on the header "ACT Test Prep" at the bottom to proceed to the registration.

ACT Test Prep Instruction number 3

4. Time to register! The "Event Summary" page will give you the details of this awesome event. When you're ready to register, click "Register."

ACT Test Prep Instruction number 4

5. You've made it! Simply fill out the "Registration" page and click "Register" at the bottom.

ACT Test Prep Instruction number 5

We're looking forward to having you at our ACT Test Prep workshop! If you have any questions, please call one of our Admissions Counselors at (580) 581-2987.