All currently enrolled Cameron students are eligible to participate in intramural sports; as well as, all faculty and staff members.  Students must be enrolled in at least one credit hour to participate.  Every person participating in a sport must show their Cameron University ID card and sign in before being allowed to play for that day.  Members of a varsity sport are ineligible to compete in intramurals of their respective sport.


Prohibited Substances

NO alcohol, drugs or tobacco products are allowed at Intramural Sports sites before, during or after Intramural Sports activities. Intramural Sports Staff reserves the right to restrict play or eject anyone even suspected of being under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Penalties for Fighting

There are severe penalties for fighting. Our definition of fighting is extensive and includes aggressive actions some might not consider fighting (see below). The penalty for fighting is a minimum 1-semester suspension from Intramural Sports. Behavior classified as fighting includes, but is not limited to:

  • Striking or attempting to strike an individual.
  • Engaging an individual in a combative manner.
  • Throwing a punch at an individual.
  • Spitting at an individual.
  • Kicking or attempting to kick an individual.
  • Brandishing a foreign object or weapon with intent to harm, injure, or intimidate an individual.
  • Retaliating against an aggressive act

All fighting will be reported the Office of Campus Life and disciplinary measures will be taken.


Individual Sport Rules

Rules for individual sports can be found under the "Handbooks and Manuals" section of the Cameron University page on imleagues.com.