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The University of Oklahoma (OU) is currently providing oversight for all research compliance and human subject protection training at Cameron. All research involving human subjects that is conducted at or by researchers affiliated with these campuses must comply with applicable policies for the protection of human subjects.

All research involving human subjects must be reviewed and approved by the OU Norman-Campus Institutional Review Board (IRB) prior to subject recruitment and data collection. Please visit the OU IRB website for more detailed information and to submit the relevant paperwork using iRIS, the IRB electronic submission system.


iRIS Access

To obtain iRIS access, please email the Institutional Grant Writer the following information:

  • Name, status (i.e. faculty, instructor, staff, undergraduate student, graduate student), email, phone number, and date of birth.

This information will be used to create an individual OUNet account, which will provide the basis for iRIS access.

Keep the following general guidelines in mind when you apply for an OUNet account:

  • Faculty: Must apply for an OUNet account and complete CITI training
  • Graduate Students: Must have a faculty sponsor, apply for an OUNet account, and complete CITI training
  • Undergraduate Students: Must have a faculty as Principal Investigator (and indicate in the application their role), apply for an OUNet account, and complete CITI training

For IRB assistance contact the Institutional Grant Writer. Keep in mind that the account-specific OUNetID is only good for one year from the time you created your account and that the form to renew the account needs to be signed and emailed to


CITI Certification

All individuals conducting research involving human participants at Cameron University must complete a free Human Subject certification online with Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI). As you register with CITI, register under the University of Oklahoma designation. Proposal submissions for internal or external grants that require Human Subject certification must include a copy of the certificate indicating the successful completion of the course. To register with CITI and take the course.

Include the Human Subject certificate with the OU IRB application material. Also, in an effort to track faculty, students, and staff who have successfully completed the CITI course, are asked to forward a copy of your certificate to the Institutional Grant Writer.

If you have any questions about the IRB process or CITI Certification, please contact the Institutional Grant Writer.

Classroom-based Research Guidelines

View research projects within the context of a class.

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