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Camp Rules

We want each student to enjoy his/her stay on our campus. We also take the supervision of our campers very seriously. Therefore, it is important that each camper understands our rules in advance. These rules exist for the protection of everyone.


  1. Must be on time and attend all sessions!
  2. Must wear name tag and name on tag must be visible. It is your passport to eat in cafeteria, get on dorm elevators, use Fitness Center, and attend evening activities. Report lost name tags to Niki Alderson, Jason Mitchell, or the Camp Office.
  3. Students cannot leave campus without a staff member, sponsor or parent. If you leave campus, make sure your squad leader or supervisor is informed.
  4. No drugs or alcoholic beverages will be tolerated. Students will be sent home.
  5. If a student drives a car to camp, the car must stay parked in Shepler Center parking lot the entire week. Students cannot drive on or off campus during the week.
  6. Smoking is not permitted anywhere on campus including dorm rooms.
  7. The Camp Director must be notified of any visitors coming to visit a camper.
  8. Students are responsible for any medical costs.
  9. Students are responsible for their own medication. The camp will not provide any medication or across-the-counter drugs. Students must bring or purchase medication.
  10. Report lost items immediately to Niki Alderson or Jason Mitchell.

University Library:

  1. Campers can use library and can photocopy materials at 10 cents per copy. We have no check-out overnight privileges. Do not try to take books out of library. Alarms will go off.
  2. No food or drink can be carried into library.
  3. No running, no loud talking; no hiding of library materials.
  4. Please keep reference material on bottom floor of library.

Fine Arts Computer Lab (Music Building)/Burch Hall Computer Lab/Journalism Computer Lab:

  1. Campers may use the labs for internet access and word processing.
  2. No food or drink can be carried into the labs. Chewing gum is also prohibited.
  3. No running, loud talking, or horseplay.
  4. Print one copy of each resource.
  5. Immediately report all problems to lab attendant.
  6. No access to the color printer.
  7. Please practice speeches in the hallway.


  1. No running and do not cut in line.
  2. Cafeteria serves "all you can eat," but please don't waste food.
  3. Food cannot be carried out of cafeteria.
  4. Please be courteous to the food service employees. They return the courtesy to our camp in many ways. SODEXHO Food Service has the Cameron cafeteria contract. They serve good food and do a great job.

Shepler Center Dormitory:

  1. Must be on floor by 10:45 p.m. and in room by 11:00 p.m. ROOMS WILL BE CHECKED EVERY NIGHT!
  2. No boys on the girls' floor and no girls on the boys' floor.
  3. There are phones in most rooms. Lost phones cost $30.00. No prank calls tolerated.
  4. Hang on to your key. There is a charge of $25.00 for lost keys. When keys are lost the dorm installs new locks.
  5. Don't leave money in your room. Keep rooms locked.
  6. Pushing emergency button on elevator for fun will not be tolerated.
  7. Sponsors and staff members will be occupying rooms on each floor (every 5 or 6 rooms). They are available if you need assistance.
  8. No running anywhere in the dorm, especially in the lobby.
  9. Be polite in dorm, especially in Main Desk area.
  10. If you listen to music after 11:00 p.m., use headphones.
  11. Campers cannot switch rooms after camp begins.
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